Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Best Destinations and Activities Offered for a Green Vacation

by Adriana Noton

If you consider yourself an environmentally conscious person, you know that it can be difficult maintaining a 'green' lifestyle. One area that has seen an increase in 'green' options is the travel industry. There are now many places where one can travel and enjoy a 'green' vacation. If you are looking for an eco-friendly holiday, below you will find a number of fun 'green' vacation destinations.

Belize: This is a beautiful eco-friendly destination. The rich and thick forests of Belize are home to the Belize Barrier Reef where there is an amazing variety of marine life. The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve is a popular tourist spot. Green activities include: diving with whale sharks and watching the remarkable endangered manatee. There are also tours of marine sanctuaries.

Yucatan, Mexico: One can stay at a 'green' hotel such as the Hacienda Chichen Resort and experience the rich cultural history and archaeology. You can learn about the ancient Mayans and their holistic healing practices. You can enjoy a holistic spa and eat organic meals. Flat-bottomed boats take visitors into beautiful lagoons where they can take pictures of egrets, herons, cormorants, flamingoes, and ospreys can be seen.

Costa Rica: Beautiful Costa Rica is a 'green' traveler's dream. You can see the nesting area of some of the world's endangered turtles, volcanic landscapes, and amazing national parks with astounding forests. There are many eco-tours available and tourists can visit wildlife refuges and volunteer at a turtle conservation project. One can also enjoy the many varieties of birds and plant life.

Alaska: Alaska is world famous for its stunning natural beauty. There are eco-boat tours and land tours where one can view the natural beauty of the landscape and the amazing wildlife. There are also 'green' accommodations such as cozy wood cabins nestled in the breathtaking Alaskan land. The Kachemak Bay State Park is a very popular 'green' vacation destination.

Switzerland: Known for its stunning mountains, Switzerland is a popular spot for 'green' travelers. Switzerland is one of the world's most environmentally friendly countries. One can enjoy ski vacations, hike mountain trails, and take a biking excursion. Travelers enjoy the awe inspiring Alps and the shimmering lakes. Almost 30% of Switzerland is protected natural land.

Ecuador: Ecuador contains the amazing rainforest where people can tour and see the beautiful wildlife and forests. There are eco-friendly lodges that cater to 'green' travelers. The Napo Wildlife Center in Quito, Ecuador, is a very popular tourist attraction.

New Zealand: Famous for the emerald islands that make up New Zealand, people from all over the world travel to this spectacular country to see the many plant and animal species. Activities include whale watching, swimming with the dolphins, bird watching, and hiking. The Willowbank Wildlife Reserve in Christchurch is a popular attraction.

As more people adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, businesses are responding by offering 'green' products and services. The tourism industry is one business area that is growing in leaps and bounds. 'Green' vacations are fast becoming a popular choice for environmentally conscious travelers.

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