Saturday, February 27, 2010

Costs of Flood Defense Expecting to Increase - The Importance of Preparation

By Richard N Williams

The cost of the previous flooding that impacted heavily on parts of England and Wales and unless major investment is placed into the flood defense, the costs of flood damage could increase many times.

And if the costs of repair and loss of business following floods does indeed rise, many homeowners and businesses may find it harder to get insurance, and in the current economic climate another summer of floods could see many people losing their homes permanently and business folding for good.

Instant sandbag

But flood prevention, does not just start at the top with large civil engineering projects like flood barriers, there is plenty the average home owner can do to reduce the risk of flooding and minimise any damage following a flood. The key is to be prepared. Flood gates, flood seals for toilets, air vents and other flood defense measures like sandbags should be bought and stored in advance. Make sure you know how to use the flood defense equipment and practice flood proofing your home. Remember, flooding can happen with very little warning so you don't have time to be running around looking for sand for sandbags or trying to find assistance to help fill them.

In the case of sandbags, which are obviously impractical to be stored full - and if there is no nearby source of sand to fill them - you could consider instant sandbags that don't require sand at all. These use water (never in short supply during a flood) and take minutes to fill to become water tight.

Making sure you are prepared for any potential flooding may also help reduce insurance premiums and certainly cut down the amount you may have to claim if the worst does happen and a flood hits your home or business.

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  1. Great article. We need to be better prepared for flooding. I came across the Instantsandbags website a few months ago and have taken action to defend my home. I hope others do the same.