Sunday, February 28, 2010

How Can Al Gore and Politicians Convince Americans to Accept Global Warming Legislation?

By William H Watson

It's getting harder and harder to accept the politics of climate change. Even blizzards are blamed on global warming and we are told that something has to be done now or the world will be in peril. Like Al Gore, I am not a scientist and I can't debate meteorology. I do have some ideas, however, that will help convince Americans to join the fight to save the earth.

The first suggestion is to drop all talk of Cap and Trade, carbon credits, and UN treaties. These only make people like me mad. These ideas make Al Gore rich, the UN a world government, and grants all governments greater authority over individual lives. Not gonna happen in America!

If the politicians believe they have to force some laws upon us, here are some suggestions, in order:
  1. Eliminate the private jet industry. I don't intend to reduce my 100 watt light bulb based on the testimony of a guy riding around in his own jet. Al Gore, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and most politicians preaching this mess need to be leaders. Give up your fancy, carbon spewing rides as an example to the rest of us. This is much better than another tax on the rich. It takes away the opportunity for the rich to buy their way around the sacrifices that the regular people are expected to make.
  2. Alternative energy rules must first be tried and tested in all government buildings. The government always promises reduced costs and better results with every law or regulation. Usually the opposite happens. I want to see all government buildings switch a percentage of their power to solar, wind, and other alternative energy sources before forcing the nation to comply. Think of how many government buildings there are. The results would be obvious as to the effect of new energy sources.
  3. Al Gore needs to face the music, publicly. His unwillingness to debate is no longer acceptable. He needs to give a reasonable explanation as to how global warming has caused Baltimore and other cities to have the most snow in history. It has been nearly 12 years since the hottest year of 1998 in the US. It has been cooling ever since. I'd like to know why reporters are not camped out at Gore's house seeking his comments on the events that call into question his so-called science. It doesn't make me want to join Ed Begley and others in sacrificing parts of my life in the name of environmentalism.
Al and his environmentalist buddies are about to lose their fight. That's too bad if the global warming thing carries elements of truth. Americans are willing to work for a clean earth. Give us some leadership and common sense.

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