Saturday, February 6, 2010

Living Eco-Friendly is Not Just About Buying Eco-Friendly Products

By Jordan Eske

Why is it that saving money makes most people feel like they are missing out on something?

Reducing is a word that makes us feel like we will have less. This is really all about how you look at it. Changing the way you think can change the way you feel about saving. Calculating how you spend and cutting back in the end will give you much more money to spend on other items. When I buy and I get the best price I mentally apply the money saved toward an item I would enjoy. The key is to visualize the money saved going to a luxury item or something you would enjoy more than what you are currently buying.

For example, when flying to go on a cruise in Miami I search for the best prices on airfare. I find that Southwest has the best price however they do not fly into Miami they fly into a nearby city of Fort Lauderdale. The flights offered on the same day of my cruise arrive with less than an hour window to make it to the port. Knowing the distance and factoring in any delays would make it near impossible to make it to the port on time.

Luckily I have a friend who lives in downtown Miami and so I decide to go a few days early and stay with her. A taxi from Fort Lauderdale to Miami will cost me anywhere from 50$-75$. I will need to use a taxi back as well making my round trip cost of around 100$-150$. I will also need another taxi to the port. This will cost around 15$ or so. Instead of spending the 50$-75$ on a cab I do some research and find a much less expensive solution.

There is a shuttle from the airport to the train that will take me into downtown Miami. This costs around 3.75 per person on weekdays and 5$ per person on weekends. I will take the Shuttle from the Airport, get on the train at the station FLL Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport at Dania Beach Get off at Metrorail Transfer.

I then show my ticket and get a free transfer pass and get on the metrorail and get off at the Government Center Station where I transfer to the Metromover. I then ride the Metromover to the closest station and walk from there. Note this is for the adventurous as surroundings will be new and you will need to be alert.

Although this will take more time I am not in a rush and have time on my hands. I keep busy while waiting for the train and read a book, use my phone to surf the internet. I make sure to use my downtime wisely and not waste it just sitting around.

I speak with the ticket agent to get exact instructions on what train to take when to get off and how to get to my exact destination. She is very helpful and I am one step closer to my destination. After all is said and done an hour in a 1/2 later I am at my friends house with an extra 46$-71$ in my pocket. This money I can spend on something I will enjoy like an excursion or spa treatment. I can buy souvenirs, few cocktails at the beach. Whatever I use it for something I will enjoy much more than a taxi ride I promise you that.

Next time you decide to buy something at the store you think oh do I really need this? Resist the impulse to get it then. Write the name of the item down and possibly snap a photo of it with your camera phone. And if you are lucky enough to have internet on your phone look up the item online right then.

Most often the online price will be considerably less and you may even find something you like better. Retail stores have limited inventory and selection but shopping the web you can find multiples of the same product with different options available. Depending on what you are looking at, check the specs/ size of the item and write those down as well. Then walk out without that item chances are you were not planning to buy it so you can live without it for a while longer. Later when you get home research the item. See if there are better prices on the internet and enjoy your luxury item mentally with the money you saved!

You see living eco friendly is not just about buying eco-friendly products, it is about making smart decisions for your life, which in turn result in a better environment for you!

Live Eco Friendly

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