Saturday, February 27, 2010

CASE STUDY: From Red to Green - Gary Neville's New Eco Home

By Hugo Green and Una Lesseon

The plans indicate that the home would be set into the ground and seamlessly fit into the surrounding moorland. The house which has been 3 years in the planning will be built in the grounds of Gary's current mansion and is thought to be his dream home.

Whilst many footballers have a reputation for garish design choices it seems Gary and his family are taking the issues of going green very seriously demonstrated by being prepared to spend a speculated £6 million on the proposed development. At 8000 square feet the eco home will have a huge kitchen at the centre from which other living spaces will spider off. Architect have analogised the proposals to that of a modern day Stone Age settlement. Rather cruelly some have also likened it to the home of the Teletubbies!

Capitalising on the moorland location Gary plans to install a 39 metre high wind turbine which along with ground heat pump technology will not only make the planned home energy dependent but his neighbouring 12 bedroom mansion.

Gary appeared personally to discuss with planning official at Bolton Council his designs. It is reported that the council were left very impressed. It is understood that the designs are at the forefront of zero carbon design leading the government officials to state that it will be a 'benchmark for future eco-homes'. Stuart Fraser of Make Architects who have been working with Gary on the plans said that "It is great to work with a client who is so passionate about issues and he is hoping this property, if it gets the go-ahead, will raise the bar when it comes to green and sustainable living."

To add to his green credibility Gary has even been seeing parking his newly acquired Toyota Prius next to his team mates Bentleys, Ferraris and Range Rovers. In addition Gary, nearing the end of his playing career, is planning to retire from Manchester United with an ecofriendly testimonial with Old Trafford entirely lit by wind power.

Hugo Green has worked in the Land Survey industry for over 10 years, and specialises in eco developments and land risk assesment. Find more information on his Land Survey website:

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