Friday, December 26, 2008

Environmental Stewardship Initiative: Great for the Natural Resources of North Carolina

As early as 1998, the government of North Carolina has foreseen and seen the harmful effects that human activities will have on the environment. During that year, the lawmakers of the state had issued Executive Order 156, which challenged the state to protect the North Carolina resources and set an example for all other states to follow.

This challenge was gladly welcomed by a lot of agencies in the state - all who had also been planning on such an endeavor to focus on sustainable development while keeping everything green. A lot of projects were born while others were developed. One of these is the Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI).

ESI is a program under the wing of the North Carolina resources agency, which is also called DENR. The main mission is to aid all agencies or organizations to reduce their environmental footprints to pass regulatory requirements and give recognition due to those who were able to achieve and maintain such a very important environmental commitment.

The North Carolina resources are among the most beautiful and pollution-free in the entire United States because of the many agencies that work hand in hand to keep it so. Although it is a voluntary program, a lot of agencies have signed up, all wanting to keep the environment as healthy and pollution free as possible, with possible North Carolina restoration, if needed.

The North Carolina resources have benefited from the actions of this agency. The program has enjoined not only manufacturers in the state but also other agencies such as businesses, schools, government agencies, service providers, and non-profit agencies. Through efforts done to keep emission and energy usage within required limits, the North Carolina resources and environment are at the prime level now.

There are different levels available for an organization to apply for to help keep the North Carolina resource safe and unpolluted. Any of these levels has its own responsibility, goals, and qualifications. Of course, each application will pass through the rigid scrutiny of the DENR.

Organizations will usually start off as partners. This level is fit for those agencies who offer their commitment to comply with all the rules or regulations of the DENR, comply with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and report the progress that the company or agency has done towards attaining all these goals each year. In turn, the DENR will assist the company in maintaining the EMS standard, offer specialized training and mentors for environmental stewardship, and other benefits.

Next off, the company can then apply as rising stewards. Not only does the company commit to comply with the laws of DENR, but it has to go beyond that compliance. Rising stewards have ISO 14001, which have been certified by a third party and/or reviewed (onsite) by the DENR. Not only are the rising stewards entitled to what the first level is entitled, but more benefits are given such as recognition of participation in the program with the award presented by no less than the DENR secretary.

The goal of each organization is to reach the level of steward. This role has the most prestigious but greatest responsibility towards the North Carolina resources.

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