Monday, December 22, 2008

Recycling Resources In The Bronx, New York

When people hear the Bronx, they often picture a tough, maybe even mean neighborhood. This stereotype may scare some people away from the area. There are, though, people in the Bronx who really care of the world and who care about the natural resources of our world. These people want to work to protect the environment through the use of local resources which allow them to recycle materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

The New York City Department of Sanitation provides several resources to people living in the Bronx to allow these individuals the opportunity to participate in recycling efforts. One of these resources is curbside pick-up of large metal items. These items need to be 100% metal or at least mostly metal. This includes metal furniture, refrigerators, washer, dryers, air conditioners, and other large metal items. The New York City Department of Sanitation will collect up to six items from each address. These items are to be placed by the curb between 6 pm and midnight the night before that person's regular recycling collection day.

The Bronx also, of course, participates in the resources provided by the entire city's curbside recycling program. For a few years the curbside recycling program disappeared, but it has since returned to the entire city. Many (but not all) papers, plastics, glasses, and metals are accepted through the New York City Department of Sanitation's recycling program.

For residents of the Bronx and other locations in New York City, there are also locations where they can properly recycle household items that might otherwise end up in landfills. For example, there is a nearby hazardous waste facility where harmful chemicals and other harmful items can be dropped off.

The hazardous waste facility does, though, have limits on what they will take as well as how much of some items they will take. They take automobile and household batteries with no limit on the number you can bring in each visit. They also take motor oil but only 10 quarts per visit. Motor oil filers can also be dropped off as long as you only bring two of those per visit. Transmission fluid at five quarts a visit can also be dropped off at the hazardous waste facility.

Fluorescent tubes at a four foot max per visit and latex paint at a five gallon limit per visit can also be dropped off at the facility. Thermostats as long as you only bring two and passenger car tires with a limit of four can also be brought to the facility. For individuals who have more of any of these items, it just means an extra visit to the hazardous waste facility.

For Bronx residents, there are many locations where small household items that were once useful but are now trash can be taken recycled or properly disposed of. For example, there is a location where used thermostats can be properly disposed of. Several nearby locations also provide the resources to take used cell phones. For those people who don't want to leave home to dispose of their cell phones, there are even local locations where the cell phones can be mailed. Several city locations also have the resources to take care of used rechargeable batteries.

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