Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Recycling Resources and their Importance in Connecticut‏

On January 1, 1991, Connecticut got the Mandatory Recycling Act. This means that every resident in Connecticut is expected to recycle. This means that every home, school, business, and government agency is expected to sort the trash from the recyclable items when they throw anything away.

One of the resources provided through this Act is that when the trash collector comes to get the trash in any community in Connecticut, that trash collector will also take the recycling. All the residents have to do to obey this act is to separate the recyclables from the trash. By recycling, residents of Connecticut are able to help to save many of the natural resources that would eventually be destroyed by these items taking up extra room in landfills.

By law, everyone in Connecticut is required to recycle glass containers for good and drinks, metal containers for food and drinks, newspapers, leaves, scrap metal, used motor oil, batteries, grass clipping, corrugated cardboard, and used motor oil. Although homes are exempt from it, businesses are also expected to recycle white office paper. Some communities send their recyclables to processing centers that can provide other resources for the communities and can recycle other items. For example, some recycling centers can also recycle magazines and catalogues along with their newspapers. In these communities, the residents are expected to take advantage of this added resource and also recycle these items.

One item that some residents of Connecticut want to put in their curbside recycling bins is plastic bags. Although it is important to not just throw these items out, the places that take care of Connecticut's recycling do not have the resources to take care of these items. The plastic bags may jam up the equipment at the Intermediate Processing Centers. Instead, residents are encouraged to return these bags to local grocery stores where they can be reused or recycled through special programs. Residents of Connecticut are also encouraged to stop using the plastic grocery bags altogether and just purchase reusable cloth bags, something people anywhere and everywhere can do.

Because the people of Connecticut understand the importance of saving the natural resources of the world, many communities in Connecticut take part in America Recycles Day on November 15. This is a day to celebrate the great job people have done throughout the year in the recycling efforts. Communities in Connecticut that have done especially well in the recycling effort are even honored for their work in saving on waste.

Some people may wonder why recycling is so important. They may feel that their efforts don't really make a difference anyway and may start to wonder if it's worth the time and effort that it takes to sort the trash from the recyclable. Although there are many different reasons to recycle, one of the greatest reasons involves saving the natural resources of the world. Recycling also saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and helps to prevent pollution. Sure, it might take an extra few minutes to make sure the things that go in the trash are separated from the items that need to be recycled, but in the end, those extra few minutes are worth it.

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