Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ideas to Conserve Energy

We Waste Energy and We Cannot Deny It by Barry Loughran
We waste energy and we cannot deny it. In the UK it is estimated that up to five billion pounds worth of energy is wasted each year, this means that the average household can save a little over two hundred pound each year on their gas and electricity bills. Here are a few simple tips which you can follow around the house which could knock hundreds of pounds off your annual energy bill.
When making a cup of tea or coffee, ensure you only use what you need. Boiling a full kettle will waste more electricity than if you simply covered the element, not only will you save money but you will benefit from a near instant brew.
Defrosting your freezer regularly will reduce the amount of energy it needs to freeze your goods; also, you can save money by closing your refrigerator quicker as it uses a lot of energy when open.
If you turn your thermostat down by one degree you could save on average ten per cent from your annual bill.
Leave the lids on your pans when you cook, this will keep more heat in the pan meaning you can turn the heat down a notch or two.
For each energy efficient bulb you switch to you is saving you an average of £78 for the duration of its life.
Insulate your pipes and purchase a lagging jacket for the hot water tank, you are sure to make your money back within a few months of this extra insulation.

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