Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Recycling Resources in Phoenix, Arizona‏

Every day people throw away items that can be recycled. According to some estimates, over half of the items that end up in the garbage could easily have been recycled instead. Recycling helps to save our environment and give us a world where future generations can also enjoy the same world that we are privileged to enjoy now.

Fortunately, many communities provide recycling resources. Some communities, including Phoenix, Arizona, even provide a curbside recycling program. Resources such as this make it even easier for people to participate in a recycling program. When it's right there with your trash and all you have to do is separate it from the trash, there's really no excuse for Phoenix residents not to use the recycling program provided to them by their community.

Phoenix's citywide recycling program, "Phoenix Recycles," allows anyone who receives the city garbage collection to participate in the program. Instead of putting everything in the black or green container for garbage, Phoenix residents can help to save some of the planets resources by putting their recycling in a blue container, provided by the city's Solid Waste Department.

Although Phoenix does provide a great resource by offering a recycling program, like many things in life, there are rules. Plastics are one type of item that can be placed in the blue recycling bin. They need to contain the numbered codes 1 or 2, though, to be eligible for Phoenix's recycling program. This number is usually found on the side or the bottom of the container. Some examples of plastics that would fall into this category include two-litter soda bottles, water bottles, and milk cartons. Unfortunately, Phoenix's recycling facilities are unable to recycle items such as plastic straws or plastic utensils.

The resources provided by "Phoenix Recycles" also provide for glass recycling. This includes only glass bottles and jars. Items such as light bulbs and television sets are not recyclable. There are various reasons for this, but the biggest two reasons are that the items either aren't actually glass, or they contain hazardous materials.

Fortunately, Phoenix's recycling resources also provide for paper recycling. Many different types of paper including cardboard, office paper, newspaper, magazines, and juice boxes are among some of the types of paper recyclable through Phoenix's recycling program. Books, though, whether hardcover or paperback, are not recyclable through "Phoenix Recycles."

A final type of item you can put in your recycling bin is metal. This includes aluminum cans, clean pie plates, steel cans, medal hangers, scrap metal under 25 pounds, and empty aerosol cans. For larger items, the resources of the Appliance/Electronics Collection and Recycling Program will have to be used. They can be contacted through Phoenix's Solid Waste Customer Service.

Fortunately for those in the Phoenix area who do not have their garbage collected by the city of Phoenix, there are still ways for them to recycle the same items that those covered by the city are able to recycle. Phoenix has three drop-off facilities for those who cannot use the curbside recycling program and for those who need to get rid of larger quantities of recyclables. The Solid Waste Customer Service Department can be contacted for more information about this.

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