Monday, December 22, 2008

Taking Care of Air Resources in Wichita, Kansas‏

Clean air is one of the great resources of the world. Yet, it takes effort to make sure the air stays clean. Air pollution can cause many problems. Airborne pollutants can cause lung disease including lung cancer as well as causing allergies.

Residents of Wichita, Kansas understand the importance of taking care of the great resource of clean air. One of the goals of the community is to reduce the air pollution in Sedgwick County.

There are a few ways the community is working to improve air quality. One of the resources the community has is a section in their city's Environmental Services dealing specifically with air quality. In accordance with this group the community is working to measure air pollutants, inspect sources of air pollution, and enforce activities that are in accordance with the local, state and federal laws concerning air pollution.

Although air quality is a community-wide issue, the real prevention of air pollution starts with each individual. Keeping this resource pure depends upon each individual doing his or her own part. Through the Environmental Services, residents can learn how to help protect the air by using resources wisely.

There are a few keys for any community to help keep the air cleaner and safer. One big area deals with transportation. Walking and biking more instead of driving is one of the keys for Kansas residents, as well as anyone. This helps to keep some of the pollution caused by emission out of the air. Another key is to keep cars well maintained including keeping tires properly inflated. This helps to send less pollution into the air because cars will get better gas mileage. For those with the resources to purchase one, residents in Kansas are encouraged to purchase low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles. All this is about using less gasoline which in turn, harms the air less.

Another area where residents are working to keep their air clean is through their homes. One of the things residents are encouraged to do is to conserve their energy resources. This can be done in several ways. One of the simple ways is to by energy star appliances and compact fluorescent light bulbs. These are going to be using less electricity than similar items.

Also turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use is the key for to help protect their energy resources and the air. Of course, proper use of heating and air conditioning is also a key part of saving on electricity.

To help to protect Wichita residents' health, they are also encouraged to be aware of the air quality in the city by checking the Air Quality Index. The Air Quality Index lets residents of know the level of ozone and other harmful substances in the area. When these levels are high, residents are encouraged to avoid strenuous activity. By doing this, they can help to protect their own health.

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