Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maryland DNR Encourages Saving Resources

Jumping onto the 'going green' train, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) of Maryland has decided to go out of their way to give residents of the state a treat if they decide to stay green for the holidays. They have decided that if people are willing to save resources even in the most frivolous of seasons, they in return will help to provide gifts that can be given as green gifts throughout the holiday season.

Most people are in the mall during the holiday season but the DNR is offering presents to give online through their store for those who would like to conserve for the holidays. The thought behind the sale is that if people incorporate themselves and their lives within the natural resources of the state, they will be less likely to spend their money on items that could later on become toxic waste.

With taste and beauty, there is art available for bird watchers as well as wildlife and fish that come in the original prints. These prints include pictures of herons and other beautiful birds as well as foxes and local fish. Others who enjoy more of an extreme wildlife approach will be about purchase coffee mugs, hats, stuffed animals and clothing that feature bears, moose and dear.

The money made from all of the online sales will actually go to the restoration effects of the wildlife and all of their habitation. This way, people are spending money on things that are generating money for all of the natural resources surrounding us. The DNR figures that this will become situation in which nobody loses.

There are also items for all of the firefighters who helped with the recent forest fires, including a forest fire truck that isn't available for that much longer. There are also plants, such as trees that can be supported in all of Maryland's natural lands and planted in back or front yards. These resources will become signs to our children of the hope we had for the future of our earth and our environment, at least the government homes. These trees will be given out through the Tree Mendous Program.

Having thought of everything, there are also deals on the state park passports that give people entry into any of the state parks in Maryland as well as all of the boat launching you desire and a discount on boat rentals from the state. Not to mention the trail guides that help to point out all of the natural resources along your way through the woods.

There is also the up coming year's natural resource calendar that has winning photographs from the Maryland natural resource photo contest from last year that you can register for on their site online. If there are any questions as to what is available or the dates by which products need to be ordered, residents can go to the state's DNR page and check out all prices and deals. If questions still remain there is a number where help can be reached or a message can be left to obtain further direction.

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