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Banish PCBs - Now! by Stephanie Eldred

The federal government has introduced legislation to accelerate the removal and safe disposal of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) wastes to meet Canada's international obligations. Will you be affected by the December 2009 deadline? You will be, if your business:

• Owns in-service equipment such as PCB (askarel) transformers and PCB Power Factor Correction
• Owns transformers containing mineral oil bearing PCB concentrations higher than 500 ppm
• Owns transformers that are greater than 50 ppm located at sensitive sites including hospitals or senior care facilities, drinking water treatment plants, food or feed processing plants and preschools, primary or secondary schools

While extensions up to December 2014 may be granted on a case by case basis, the majority of owners will be required to meet the December 2009 deadline. As the deadline approaches, lead-in times for replacement equipment are increasing so advance planning is critical to address regulatory and access issues.


Before a replacement project can begin, you must obtain a Generator Number, register PCB waste as waste class 243-D solids and 243-D liquids, and submit a letter to your local ministry office requesting "Director's Instructions" for greater than 50 litres of PCB liquid.


This is probably the most significant factor affecting project costs. In some cases, access at ground level allows for the unit to be removed quickly and intact, but others may require the use of cranes or platforms to access above or below grade equipment. For inaccessible substations, on site cut-down of the transformer may be required.

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