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GREEN LIVING: Top 10 Tips to Save Money on Gas and Electricity

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Top 10 Tips to Save Money on Gas and Electricity by Olivia K Wilson

Energy efficiency is in the news constantly these days and using less gas and electricity to help save the environment will give you peace of mind but it can also provide you with more money in your pocket. Here are our top energy saving tips to help reduce your gas and electricity usage:

1. Price comparison: To make sure you are paying the best price for your gas and electricity, compare your suppliers with other energy suppliers regularly and also consider other tariffs and payments methods that can offer considerable savings.

2. Draughts: Ensure windows are doors are properly sealed. Draughts will let heat escape meaning you will have heating set higher and on for longer, therefore burning more gas.

3. Turn down the thermostat: Turning down your gas central heating by one degree will save you a huge amount and you won't notice the difference, heating shouldn't be higher than 22 degrees.

4. Light bulbs: Use energy saving bulbs where possible. Good light is important for working and reading but everywhere else replace dead bulbs with these bulbs to cut your electricity bill.

5. Standby: Turn all appliances off, don't keep them on standby. A television left on standby will consume around 60 per cent of the electricity as if it was left on. If you are really lazy then try one of the plugs you can buy that reduce energy to almost nil when activated.

6. Full load: When using the washing machine or dishwasher make sure it is full. If you really need to wash only a couple of clothes use a reduced time function if your washing machine has it or hand wash.

7. 30 degrees: Washing clothes at 30 degrees will provide a good wash for your clothes, a higher temperature isn't necessary. You can even wash at 15 degrees, give a try.

8. Boiling water: When boiling a kettle only use water that you need, so if it is only a cup of tea only fill to the minimum level.

9. Young family: If you have a young children they won't be concerned with energy usage so do monitor their gas and electricity usage closely and encourage then to turn off computers and game consoles when they aren't being used.

10. Energy grants: Speak to your local energy advisory center. The government offers grants and help for those wishing to install energy saving devices.

These are easy steps that we can all follow. Just imagine the savings you can make on your gas and electricity bills and the reduction of energy usage!

Olivia has 2 years experience writing articles about electricity. She also enjoys writing on various other subjects.

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