Monday, June 1, 2009

RECYCLING: Recycling - More Than Glass and Plastic

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Recycling - More Than Glass and Plastic by Denise Broadwater

In my neighborhood the sidewalks are covered with colored plastic boxes on recycling day. These are filled with plastic bottles and glass products. I applaud my neighbors from my front porch. Recycling is a fundamental change in our culture, but does our responsibility end when we recycle in those colored boxes on the street? No way! It is just the beginning.

Donate your clothing to the local thrift store and put your furniture for sale online or in the paper. Pass down items to extended family and friends who could benefit from them. Look for other ways to find someone who may be in need or ask others for referrals. It takes effort to keep from tossing your old goods into the dumpster.

Recycling is an active verb. Are you looking at local thrift stores or online resale services more than before? Are you willing to do what you are helping others to do?

I found an upscale resale shop while looking for a formal purse for my daughter. We were unable to find what she needed new, but we found the perfect handbag there for ½ the price. Why had I not stopped there first? Our habit is to think, "I have the cash in my pocket and new is best." But is that valid?

When I purchase used items, not only am I saving cash, but I am rescuing something that would have added to our growing landfill.

Complete the recycle chain. Shop used. Far more than a cost cutting, it saves items for use and not refuse.

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