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SOLAR ENERGY CASE STUDY - First Solar Powered City in Florida - Let the Sun Shine!

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First Solar Powered City in Florida - Let the Sun Shine! by Vincent Kirk

Florida, crocodiles, resorts, Disney and soon an entire solar-powered city.

If we are to believe the promoters, the new city of Babcock Ranch, will be built at a cost of $ 2 billions on about 17,000 acres, located near Fort Myers, in the southwest part of the state. About half of the area will be reserved for open green spaces (parks, and agriculture).

The city will be powered by a very large expanse, about 350 acres, of solar panels with an estimated power capability of 75 megawatts (of course that is the basis for calling it a solar city).

Operated by Florida Power & Light, this facility will provide green energy for 19,500 homes and 6 million square feet of commercial space, including retail, offices, civic space, and light industrial. It is also expected to produce more electricity than the community will need.

Construction of the power grid will be funded in part by the stimulus package money, it will employ about 400 workers during the construction phase, but will only require 6 full time workers to operate.

The creator of the project, Syd Kitson, hopes to attract investors in this project, that is to become one of the models to be watched as we move towards a more renewable energy efficient world.

Infrastructure planning will begin in 2010, while construction of homes and buildings will start in 2011.

The purpose is of course to study the best and the worst effects of having a solar powered city. We can be assured that it will be closely watched by environmentalists, and other city and state managers. This city is sure to become the focus of attention from around the world and to be the most talked about city for years to come.

Solar powered homes are a wise investment, and you do not have to wait until your city provides it. It is possible and easy to make your own electricity at home to and provide enough energy for an entire household.

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  1. FYI the project was put on hold by the State, you should do more research before writing articles without FACTS