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GREEN LIVING: Embracing a Green, Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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Embracing a Green, Eco-Friendly Lifestyle by Rosann Eckert

With so many people on our planet today and all of the technology, Earth could be in trouble unless we all pitch in. The good news is that when we embrace the green life we are creating a healthier and happier life for ourselves. With less pollution and more trees, the Earth will become a beautiful place to live again.

There are several ways that you can improve the Earth and your life on it. Planting trees is one way. Think recycling also. By recycling you will keep rubbish and toxins out of the landfills while helping the environment. If you don't need items around your home then donate them to people that could find a use for them. There are several organizations like the Salvation Army that will make your unwanted items available to others that would find them of value. So with a small effort on your part you can clean up the clutter, help out your neighbors and keep the Earth greener. Here are a few ways that could help your Earth and save you some cash as well.

Print less: Do you really need to print everything? Maybe you can copy and paste the important parts into Wordpad and print less that way. The more paper you use the more trees will fall.

Turn off lights: Keep lights off unless you really need them. Also, use the green lights available today to save both the environment and your cash.

Use cloth bags: Say no to plastic bags. They decompose slowly leaving toxic petro-polymers in the soil and water which could promote cancer. Use and reuse cloth bags. They are cheap and can hold more without tearing.

Mulching lawnmower: Use a mulching lawnmower that will up grind your grass clippings and leaves for organic fertilizer. This way you won't have to bag them while saving the environment, your back and your time. Sounds like a win/win situation. Also, if you keep your grass longer it will keep the weeds down naturally. You won't have to poison the earth with pesticides.

Other things worth considering are electric and hybrid cars. They are cleaner than conventional gas burners and will cut back on pollution and will save your gas money. If you shop locally you will be supporting your neighbors as well as saving transportation cost which causes the polluting of air.

Buy American whenever possible. How much pollution is being produced from those factories in China and the large cargo ships cruising across the oceans? If you can buy organic groceries you will be preventing pesticides and other chemicals from entering the soil and yourself! How often do you use liquid soap? Switch over to bar soap. It's less toxic and you will save your money. Flea collars are toxic as well. If you wash your pets regularly you may find that you won't need those pesky collars.

Sure you could think about all the negative things that are happening to our Earth and wonder if it will survive much longer. What will your quality of life be like when you are suffocating in the poisonous air? This fear could scare you into doing something about your problems today. It's better if you take the positive approach. Love your Earth. It's your home and loving it is a stronger emotion that will bring more results. If you do your part out of love, then you will feel great about yourself. With a positive outlook and actions, you will improve your mental and physical health as well as your home, the Earth.

Please join the green revolution and decide to buy only products made from reusable resources. If we all just do our part and respect the earth we will be saving it.

Green is no longer an option. It's the only way forward...Save the Earth.

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