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POLLUTION CASE STUDY - Beijing and the Trash Catastrophe That Won't Go Away

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Beijing and the Trash Catastrophe That Won't Go Away by Lance Winslow

Beijing is a major city like no other; it's population puts it in the top 10-12 in the world. With its huge and massive growth it is having growing pains, one of which is the abundance of trash and garbage that it produces daily. The landfills cannot keep up and are being overrun and we are not talking about one or two, we are talking about 12 giant dumps. Beijing's municipal commission has issued a "garbage crisis" alert.

They are trying to burn some of the trash and bury the rest, unfortunately, these landfills lack all they need to be safe for the future, underground water, and they aren't big enough and at least 10 more will be needed within the next decade, but there is no more room, so garbage will have to be taken far away. Most of the landfills are already beyond capacity and the city has been growing 10% per year and appears that this will continue.

There are many new rules and regulations for trash, but it's not enough. Some feel the answer is more substantial use of recycling, but they indicate they are doing a good bit of that already, mostly because they need the materials.

Further, some Think Tanks say they need to convert the trash to energy, but even if they do this, these facilities would not be built fast enough to solve the current problem. They have stopped plastic bags at stores and done many other things as well, it's not enough. There is just too much refuse and not enough solutions to fix the problem.

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