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GLOBAL WARMING CASE STUDY - Consequences of Global Warming in Bangladesh

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Consequences of Global Warming in Bangladesh by Eshwarya Patel

The majority of Bangladesh is either below, at, or barely above sea level. And if it is true that sea levels will rise in the next 40-50 years, then half of Bangladesh will be under water. There are already instances where busy streets and towns near the ocean have been flooded and people have been forced to evacuate. The country faces a huge humanitarian crisis of epic proportions if global warming is not combated.

Millions of refugees from Bangladesh will likely move across borders in neighboring countries India and Myanmar. Not only is Bangladesh rife with environmental catastrophes, the population density of the country is the highest in the world. This makes for an incredibly lethal and deadly combination that will not only impact Bangladesh but all of South Asia and Southeast Asia for many generations forward.

According to UC Davis, approximately 75 million (half) of Bangladesh's population would emigrate due to sea level rise.

Whether global warming is occurring as a result of human involvement is something that is currently being debated among politicians but hardly being argued by scientists. The majority of scientists have come to a conclusion on global warming and the human impact on it. And they all claim that something needs to be done and in a hurry.

It currently seems like there is a major debate among scientists but that is mainly due to the fact that the media has to present both sides of an argument, whether or not one side has a little bit of backing or not. There are currently a very limited number of resources available online to substantiate the claims made by scientists to allow the consumer to decide for him or herself.

The website Consequences of Global Warming has put together, in a centralized location, several scientific reports on the consequences global warming will have on different countries and states in the United States. The website has also done a fantastic job in presenting scientific reports from 100 of the top universities in the United States.

Reference UC Davis, visit "India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka Migration News".

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