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GREEN LIVING: Why Consumers Demand Natural Products

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Why Consumers Demand Natural Products by Collin R Sullivan

Recently, there has been a new trend in the consumer market. This new trend is all about natural, organic products. The demand for natural products is at an all-time high. Some such products include mineral makeup or mineral cosmetics, natural foods, and chemical-free household cleaners.

The reason for this trend is that many people are finding out chemicals used in cosmetics, foods, and cleaners may be harmful to the environment and themselves or their families. Ever since this realization, consumers began buying products that are all or mostly natural, which created the natural products movement.

Some cosmetics companies such as Aveda and The Body Shop began their businesses by selling only natural products. Natural makeup means the cosmetics do not have chemicals in them like normal makeup. Usually, natural makeup is made mainly from plants without adding additional chemicals. Natural makeup does not have the chemicals that normal cosmetics have, which should be better for one's skin. Natural cosmetics also come in more shades than regular makeup, which makes it easy to find a shade that is perfect for each individual skin tone. More and more women are buying natural makeup that will not harm their skin nor make it seem like they are wearing makeup.

Grocery stores like Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's have recently become very popular since consumers are looking for natural, organic food for themselves and their families. Organic food has little to no chemicals in the food, therefore, it does not go through the regular food process that non-organic food does.

For example, organic meat is meat that is nearly hormone free and usually the animals are fed a natural diet. Another example would be fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables are not sprayed with pesticides and they grow in natural soil. Some, however, argue pesticides are not as harmful as people think. Either way, people are buying more organic food than ever. The natural food movement has gained momentum over the years as consumers are demanding products that will not harm them or their families.

One of the newest trends in the market is chemical-free cleaners. For years, when people cleaned their homes, they sprayed chemicals on the countertops, the floors, and the windows. Now, many companies offer chemical-free household cleaners.

Companies began selling more environmentally-friendly cleaners because consumers began to worry the chemicals they were using in their homes could be harmful to their families and the environment. Chemical-free household cleaners are better for the environment than normal cleaners because they are made with natural products, usually from plants. Therefore, the chemical-free cleaners are reportedly less harmful than the regular cleaners to humans.

It does not seem as though there will be decrease in demand for natural products any time soon. Natural makeup sales are on the raise, as well as sales for natural foods and natural household cleaners. Americans have decided they want their products to be natural and safe for themselves, their families and the environment.

Collin Sullivan has noticed a huge increase in mineral makeup and mineral cosmetics sales in the last few years.

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